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Dow Goodfolk

We are a 25 year old design company that does the best kind of design

Today's smartest companies are thinking consumer first and user experience to make their businesses fit for today's unprecedentedly competitive, fast‑changing and digital world. These things are at the heart of the best kind of design.

Our purpose

We are here to help organisations build brands that are truthful and exceptional, and deliver on business objectives. Through emotional and functional, end to end design and digital.


An exceptional brand starts with a strong story. We call it your Brandheart . It's the hook the engages your customer and tells them why you matter. Then every customer experience is created to be consistent with your story.

What we offer

  • Strategy
  • Identity
  • Packaging
  • Communications
  • Spatial
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Web development
  • e-Commerce
  • Social
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7 Abbey Street
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Our team

Annie Dow image
  • Annie Dow
  • Managing Director
  • +64 9 303 9801
  • +64 21 979 699
Annie Dow Managing Director

Welcome, it is so nice to have you here. I am the Managing Director of the Dow Goodfolk Group.

I have such a passion for brand and design. My role most definitely is about telling the world the value of design to all businesses. If there’s one thing I have learnt over 25 years in this game it’s that your brand is one of the strongest assets on your balance sheet.

Outside of work you might well find me camera in hand. Capturing people in front of the camera is my favourite, it’s personal and it’s about making a connection. That’s also why I love being a business owner - creating work and great opportunities for people.

Donna McCort image
  • Donna McCort
  • Creative Director
  • +64 9 303 9805
  • +64 21 190 3723
Donna McCort Creative Director

Hi, I’m Dow Goodfolk’s Creative Director. I’m in charge of all of our creative outputs.

It’s my job to always be pushing for design at its best, for work that is distinctive and imaginative, emotional but simple.

Dow Goodfolk is a special place to me and a big part of that is my long working relationship with Annie. We’re a tight team, I like to think of it as girl power on the fly.

A secret from my past: I was once a maths teacher. That sounds like a strange career shift, but design is really just art with problem-solving. Creativity coupled with logic will get you far!

Benn Winlove image
  • Benn Winlove
  • Digital Director
  • +64 9 970 7276
  • +64 21 790 652
Benn Winlove Digital Director

Kia ora, I’m the Digital Director of Dow Goodfolk.

Dow Goodfolk is something very close to my heart as it’s something I helped to build. I love our balance of great craft, good people and high aspirations.

Personally what gets me out of bed in the mornings is helping people have clarity of their problems and opportunities, and providing the solutions that they can take advantage of.

I’m also mad keen on spearfishing, cooking, camping and eating – preferably all the at the same time.

Rebecca Hamer image
  • Rebecca Hamer
  • Account Director
  • +64 9 970 9897
  • +64 22 079 1984
Rebecca Hamer Account Director

Hi there, I’m the Account Director at Dow Goodfolk.

My role here is about adding value for clients, whether that is by making sure clients’ budgets are used the best way, or by working on ideas that benefit their brand or business.

I love working with smart, extremely talented clients and colleagues who genuinely care about the problems they are solving, and I love that every day is different.

I’m somewhat known for my love of an unusual (and short-lived) hobby. Amongst other things, I have flown a helicopter, jumped out of an aeroplane, canoed down white water rapids, been diving with turtles, snorkelled with sharks, kite surfed, attempted flyboarding, had ice skating lessons, abseiled down waterfalls, tried paragliding, been rifle shooting and had a short stint as a semi-competitive petanque player. I’m always trying to challenge my comfort zone.

Scott Alonzo image
  • Scott Alonzo
  • Senior Designer — UX/UI Lead
  • +64 9 970 7279
  • +64 22 101 7714
Scott Alonzo Senior Designer — UX/UI Lead

Hi. I am the UX/UI lead at Dow Goodfolk.

My job has two parts. The first is making digital look great. The second is about making sure that the experiences are not just easy, but satisfying to use. And that means hopping into a user’s shoes.

I’m known to be a bit obsessive on the detail but for me it’s the last 10% of tweak and polish in a design that carries 90% of the value.

I counter my work detail by challenging myself. I’ve become addicted to rock climbing, snowboarding and riding my first motorcycle. I’m calling it cultivating healthy fear.

Josh Daly image
  • Josh Daly
  • Account Manager
  • +64 9 303 9803
  • +64 21 034 0779
Josh Daly Account Manager

Hi there I’m Josh, part of the client services team. And I just happen to make the meanest coffee here at Dow Goodfolk.

What makes my day is the people, and the relationships I have with my colleagues and clients. I think design is clever and a craft. Things can - and should be - beautiful and functional at the same time. Our job in the design industry is to do just that – attempt to tick both boxes for our clients.

In another life I’d love to be at the helm of a New York streetwear brand.

Natalie Iogha image
  • Natalie Iogha
  • Office Manager
  • +64 9 303 9800
Natalie Iogha Office Manager

Howdy, I’m the Office Manager for Dow Goodfolk.

I have a love of all things creative and with over 12 years’ experience in admin I see my role as the perfect blend of passion and professionalism. From the moment you arrive in our urban oasis I am here to help you and make your visit a warm, welcoming experience.

Whether it’s a strong coffee you need, the WIFI password or just a moment to soak in our beautiful courtyard surroundings before you get down to work, I have you covered.

I am also a practising artist. I have a Bachelor of Visual Art and once trained as an apprentice embroiderer at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace in London.

Matthew Nicoll image
  • Matthew Nicoll
  • Front-End Developer
  • +64 9 984 5370
  • +64 21 052 6201
Matthew Nicoll Front-End Developer

Hello, I’m a front-end developer at Dow Goodfolk. My job is to convert a beautiful design into beautiful code.

It’s great to be part of a team of kind professionals. In today’s world it’s essential for brands to have a web presence and I love being involved in creating a user experience that’s exceptional.

It’s not all code for me though. I love the outdoors. I’ve got a particular fondness for trees and I’m always looking to expand my botanical knowledge.

Leonie Whyte image
  • Leonie Whyte
  • Senior Designer
  • +64 9 970 9895
  • +64 27 454 6026
Leonie Whyte Senior Designer

Hi, I’m a senior designer at Dow Goodfolk.

My job is a mix of things: it’s about craft - taking the time to get things looking balanced and wellexecuted. But then it’s also about finding a way to get the one, right, strong and simple message to come through.

Working here is special, and for me it’s the people, the culture and the quality of work.

When I’m not at work you’ll find me riding a motorbike, – particularly overnight or multi-day excursions which usually involves some banter with the lads over food and wine. Otherwise I’m getting creative around the house - I love styling and moving shit around to find an excuse for the new chair I just bought!

Trelawne Quinlivan image
  • Trelawne Quinlivan
  • Senior Digital Account Manager
  • +64 9 970 7277
  • +64 21 670 790
Trelawne Quinlivan Senior Digital Account Manager

Hi, I’m the Senior Digital Account Manager here at Dow Goodfolk.

A big part of my role is to help businesses understand how they can seamlessly translate who they are and what they do into a digital landscape, taking their story online in a way that’s easy for their customers to digest, engage and connect with.

What makes Dow Goodfolk special to me is the power of good design to distill that customer experience down to something that only takes seconds to interpret.

Outside the office you’ll usually find me with a camera in my hands, wrangling newborn babies into impossibly cute poses, or encouraging a newly married couple up a mountain, nearing dusk while it ‘rains…cough… lightly’ to capture that shot for their wedding album cover.

Christopher Riding image
  • Christopher Riding
  • Technical Director
  • +64 9 970 7278
  • +64 22 656 1154
Christopher Riding Technical Director

Hello, I’m Dow Goodfolk’s Technical Director.

I love the craft aspect of what we do here. That I’m entrusted with a design or design system that has been so laboured over. It’s my privilege to bring that to life in a website or digital solution.

50% of it is turning a design into a pixel perfect, blazingly fast, working website and 50% is communicating with people.

Outside of work you’ll find me reading the latest copy of Offscreen, my favourite magazine about the human side of technology. Or I’ll be sipping a long black, playing chess or hanging with my girls.

Ashleigh Lambert image
  • Ashleigh Lambert
  • Senior Designer
  • +64 9 303 9810
  • +64 22 596 8349
Ashleigh Lambert Senior Designer

Hi, I’m Ash and I’m one of the senior designers here.

My job is to help bring brands to life through design. That means finding out what’s special about them and then using that to tell a story and connect with people.

One of the reasons I came to Dow Goodfolk was the incredibly talented, strong and successful women here. I love working with people I can look up to.

It’s lucky I made it. Years ago I was almost a flight attendant for Emirates. I was about to take the job when at the last minute I was offered a junior design role, and I decided I’d better use the degree I just got!

Carl Dixon image
  • Carl Dixon
  • Designer / Production
  • +64 9 303 9807
  • +64 22 019 9015
Carl Dixon Designer / Production

Hi, don’t mind Lola (Lola’s my Cavoodle, who sometimes greets our visitors to Dow Goodfolk a little enthusiastically). I do both design and production here.

What I think is great about Dow Goodfolk is the priority and importance given to top quality work and doing the best for the brand. I see my job as about designing the best answer to a brief and also making sure that it looks its best when it’s finally produced.

I’m also a part-time actor. You might be surprised, but that does actually come into use at work. The fact that I didn’t win my fourth form speech-giving final has no bearing on my acting chops though, I’d just like to say.

Ben Dean image
  • Ben Dean
  • Production Manager
  • +64 9 303 9813
  • +64 21 573 604
Ben Dean Production Manager

Hi, I’m the Production Manager at Dow Goodfolk.

I am responsible for making sure Dow Goodfolk’s beautiful designs shine to their full potential when they’re printed.

Explaining what that entails is probably more involved than we’ve got space for here. And possibly more than you would want to know! But I love my work because I get to work on fun, challenging briefs with a small team of uber talented, funny and friendly individuals.

I also brew my own beer. Is that why those funny individuals are so friendly?

Shakila Singh image
  • Shakila Singh
  • Commercial Manager
  • +64 9 303 9804
  • +64 21 344 264
Shakila Singh Commercial Manager

Hello, I’m the Dow Goodfolk Group’s Commercial Manager.

My job is to help keep the company fiscally on track, and make sure we’re around for another 25 years, and counting. I like to remind the team that there is beauty in the numbers too!

When I’m not finance-cracking you will likely find me somewhere like France or Spain, cycling between the next great food or wine spot. Of course it’s all about the AMAZING cycling.

Mike Turnbull image
  • Mike Turnbull
  • Senior Production
  • +64 9 303 9814
  • +64 21 114 6694
Mike Turnbull Senior Production

Hi, I work on the production side at Dow Goodfolk – which means taking the designs and getting them ready for print so they look correct to the signed-off design.

I have to take into consideration the type of printing involved, the material being printed on, and all of the issues these can raise. I particularly love a bit of image retouching, making sure the final image is the best it can possibly be.

I’m also a photographer and take charge of our inhouse photography studio. For Christmas 2013 & 2014 I self-published a coffee table book of my photography from that year for friends and family. They told me it was their best ever present.